Which career is best for photography?

A die-hard Sherlock Holmes fan? Look no further than forensic photography to satisfy your curiosity about solving crimes. Although you won't be actively researching, this is as close as you can get to a photographer. Don't you like all that horror and sadness? Art photography is at the other end of the spectrum. You can photograph all the beautiful things and make the world a better place.

Astrophotographers generally work independently and sell their photographs to magazines and agencies. In addition, astrophotography is a subset of scientific photography, so there is the option of getting full time employment in government and space agencies if you are highly qualified. Do you love the outdoors and don't mind getting your hands or feet dirty to show off the diverse flora and fauna? Then conservation photography can be a rewarding career for you. Conservation photography is a type of photojournalism in which stories are told about the environment, animals and plants.

How to Start Your Career in Photography While requirements vary by employer, photographers with a master's degree generally qualify for higher positions and higher salaries than beginning photographers. National media and well-known publications tend to prefer high-level photographers with years of experience and an advanced degree. Scientific photographers take photographs of scientific and medical data and samples. These professionals often need special training in the use of photo enhancement software and the capture of microscopic images.

This sector usually includes photographers with specialized skills, such as scientific photographers who capture microscopic images or drone camera operators. In addition, some students earn an advanced degree to become post-secondary photography instructors. Photojournalism is one of the most sought after photography careers. A professional photojournalist takes photos of people, places and events to accompany the news.

These photos often appear in newspapers, both in print and online, and help bring the news to life. An excellent photography career is product photography. As long as people sell things, there will always be demand for a good product photographer. Some have glamorous careers (or so it seems on their social media) as fashion photographers or fine art stars.

Meanwhile, a degree in photography develops a student's innate artistic capacity and also provides technical training for careers in graphic design and animation. Most photography degrees also emphasize digital photography skills for the age of technology, along with business, computer and interpersonal professional development courses. It's not the most glamorous photography career, but scientific photography is interesting and well paid. Students can also benefit from networking at this stage of their photography career, both independently and through membership in a professional organization such as Professional Photographers of America or American Photographic Artists.

Topics such as history, philosophy, anthropology or literature will help you learn what to say, while topics such as business, accounting or marketing will be useful for developing a career. Graduates of an associate program can pursue careers as freelance photographers, photojournalists, and camera operators. With wide applications in fine art, media and communications, careers in photography are suited to creative professionals with an entrepreneurial side. Many photographers seek other paths to professional improvement through continuing education units (CEUs) and networking opportunities.

There is no clear career path in photography in the sense that there are many paths within the field. The journalistic manner they described is not the direction of my career, but those advertisements certainly aroused my initial interest in dedicating myself to photography. Recent graduates of a photography program often begin their career by submitting freelance photographs to the media, while more experienced photographers may qualify for full-time positions as photojournalists or in a publishing company. But once you're in, it's stable and pays well, and can be the foundation of a great photography career.

While an associate's degree prepares students for careers in freelance photography, earning a bachelor's degree qualifies students for related jobs in graphic design, art direction and multimedia art and animation. . .

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John Pfannenstiel
John Pfannenstiel

Born in South Africa, John fell in love on his 14th birthday when his parents presented him with his first camera. After photographing insects, lizards, and snakes in his own backyard, John felt he had found his calling in life, and a career in photography beckoned. John set up his first photography business when he was 23 and has since traveled the world and worked with many famous photographers.